Blogging Take 2

I started this blog a year ago but never really got started. Rather like my success at internet marketing.

So having just had yet another birthday, I think it is time to restart and look for things to write about. It may turn out to be an eclectic range of topics: me rambling on about things that catch my eye, ear or heart.

I have a desire to be more creative. Lately I have been thinking about taking up leadlighting. I just need to find someone in Cairns who teaches it. Or maybe I will buy a book or two and teach myself.

One of my dreams is to have carefully constructed, wild rambling garden with interesting sculptures that appear in the oddest places.

Back in 2002 I visited the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England. There I fell in love with grass sculptures. So a future project is to find Australian Native grasses that will help me accomplish something similar.

What creative projects are just waiting for you to start?

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