Friday Funny – Animals and Ant Crusher

It’s Friday, a day for winding down, for looking forward to the weekend. It’s a great time to share a laugh and a giggle, so on Fridays I’m linking up with Shelly at Tropical Mum.

So, the idea is to share anything that is humorous. It can be a funny post you’ve written in the past or present, a video you’ve found, a joke you’ve heard, a funny picture…anything that tickles your funny bone.

I feel sorry for the poor Bearded Dragon putting in the effort and no reward.

YouTube Preview Image

But just to prove that teasing an animal is not a good idea.

YouTube Preview Image

So what has got you giggling this week? Join in the fun.

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2 Responses to Friday Funny – Animals and Ant Crusher

  1. Shelly says:

    I’d seen the first one before, but was so pleased when the next one got his own back!

  2. Oh my goodness! I felt that last one! LOL

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