Friday Funny – Fail

It’s Friday, a day for winding down, for looking forward to the weekend. It’s a great time to share a laugh and a giggle, so on Fridays I’m linking up with Shelly at Tropical Mum.

So, the idea is to share anything that is humorous. It can be a funny post you’ve written in the past or present, a video you’ve found, a joke you’ve heard, a funny picture…anything that tickles your funny bone.

Instructions are so important!

Would love to see these instructions being followed.

So what has got you giggling this week? Join in the fun.


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4 Responses to Friday Funny – Fail

  1. These are gold! I’m unsure which is funnier… the cake or the cookie sign!

    Oh, and I LOVE your blog header, probably because I am a self-confessed coffee-snob.

  2. Shelly says:

    My children found those absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing these. :)

  3. Wendy says:

    I love these! They are a crack-up! xx

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