Have Blog, Will Ponder

Okay, so here it is. My first post on my new blog.  I say new blog as I already have one on my other website, but that one is to be dedicated to photography.  My aim for this blog is to be about my trials and tribulations with Internet Marketing.  The tools I find, the people I meet, the successes and the lessons.

With more than 20 years in IT one would think that this would be a cinch for me. Maybe if it was on an IBM mainframe and we were developing in languages such as COBOL, IMS, DB2 and Telon.  I am an IT Dinosaur (suffering from information overload) trying not to become extinct.

So here goes…..the first bite of the elephant.

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2 Responses to Have Blog, Will Ponder

  1. Jacinta says:

    Great start, keep it up.  :)

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