Definition of intaxication:. 1. (n.) Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until one realizes it was one’s own money to start with.

This tax season I have been working as a tax agent. It has been an enlightening, often frustrating, sometimes infuriating experience, lifted occasionally by moments of satisfaction.

I’m not sure if it is people in general, Australians, Queenslanders or just people in the Far North but there is a large proportion who think that it is their God given right to get a large tax refund. I have even met people who have received back all the tax that they have paid and they still don’t think it is enough of a refund. They ask “how can I get a more back”?

The answer is easy, pay more tax.

In a perfect world you would get no refund and have no payment to make as you would have been taxed exactly the correct amount during the financial year.

Occasionally there is someone who is elated to actually be getting a refund. Then there is the one who thinks I am a financial genius when the refund is higher than they expect. All I am doing is getting them what they are legally entitled to.

And to those that complain that they pay a lot of tax, I say, be grateful you earn so much money that you to have to pay that much in tax.

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