Listography – Guilty Pleasures

This week’s Listography is Guilty Pleasures: things that you shouldn’t really like but you actually do.

1. Potatoes
I don’t just love potatoes. I adore potatoes: mashed, roasted, chipped, baked, new potatoes with mint and butter, rosti, potatoes any which way.

When I was travelling around South America I got to the stage where my stomach wouldn’t accept much in the way of food and I practically lived on potatoes.

And the person who discovered roasting potatoes in duck fat? Absolute genius!

2. Men with long hair
I’m not sure when I developed a penchant for men with long hair. Maybe from the trashy romance novels I read as a teenager. Or growing up in the ’80s. Hmmm, one and the same thing I guess.

If he has a beard it needs to be short and well trimmed.


3. Chocolates
Need I say more?

Amongst my favourites are Godiva and Koko Black.

I saw a claim last Sunday that 1 in 3 people would give up chocolate to keep their smartphone. Are they mad?!

4. Science Fantasy
I was introduced to Science Fantasy novels back in 1992. I love the escapism and will often burn the midnight oil reading ‘just’ one more chapter. Much easier to read than the technical books I should be reading.

5. Hot Showers
Yes I know, I live in the tropics. But I still love a hot shower. Learnt to really appreciate hot showers when I was in Syria staying near Crac des Chevaliers. It was the coldest ‘shower’ I have ever had the misfortune to have. The shower was a pipe sticking out of the wall with only cold water. The water ran into the squat and drop toilet in the corner. Have you ever tried washing your hair without actually getting any water on your scalp?

There’s my list, you can join in Listography by visiting Kate Takes 5, following the rules and linking up.


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5 Responses to Listography – Guilty Pleasures

  1. LagosMum says:

    Ohhhh, potatoes! Completely agree!

  2. Great list Tori. I’ve done the cold shower thing in Mt Bromo, Indonesia and it was frigid! Not keen on hair that is longer than mine and I don’t really go for facial hair, which you would find really funny if you ever met my husband–the facial hair bit, not the long hair.

    I like chocolate but if I had to give it up for say, potato chips, then I would. Not sure about a smart phone, because I’m doing without one now.

    • Tori says:

      I’ve dated a couple of guys (not at the same time :) ) with hair longer than mine. One used to condition his with olive oil. It was fantastically well conditioned. Loved running my fingers through it.

      I am fairly dependent on my iPhone but chocolate wins out every time. Choosing between chocolate and potato chips would be a tough one for me.

  3. Kat says:

    Well I’ve also heard that it’s 1 in 3 who would in fact choose chocolate over sex.
    I dont know what that says about the current state of our sex lives…. but with our smartphones in tow at least we’d be able to communicate our satisfaction while enjoying that indulgence ;)
    Great list. I must say I very much enjoy everything you’ve listed too.

  4. Tori says:

    I guess it means that we don’t know how to ask for our needs to be met.

    It’s nice to know others share my pleasures :)

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