Remembering Maggie

Today, September 12, would have been my stepmother’s birthday. Maggie would have been 57 but unfortunately she died 2.5 years ago. Taken far too soon by cancer.

She answered to many names: Margaret, Marg, Maggie, Mum and Nana.

Maggie and I shared a love of single malt whisky. She would complain about the amount of evaporation from the duty free when I was home for Christmas.

She loved being a Nana. We were both in the delivery suite when her first grandson (and my first nephew) Oliver was born. This photo was taken about a week after she had major surgery and thirty minutes after Oliver finally made an appearance.

In December 2007 she bought an old Morris Minor which she called Betsi. She was really excited the day we went to pick it up. Dad restored it for her and three weeks before she died she competed in a club rally doing all the driving herself.

This is one of the last photos I took of her. It was taken Christmas 2008. She wanted badly to survive until Oliver’s first day at school. Sadly she didn’t make it.

Happy birthday M. Miss you heaps.

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4 Responses to Remembering Maggie

  1. Rebecca says:

    Such a lovely post and a beautiful tribute. She sounds amazing.

  2. The way you describe her, it sounds like Maggie was a real character and that your life was richer for having had her in it. That last photo is sad and beautiful at the same time. Thinking of you Tori.

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