Sean Rasmussen

Australian Internet Marketer Sean Rasmussen

Australian Internet Marketer Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen – Internet Marketer

Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen - The Man From The Far West

Sean Rasmussen is an Aussie Success Communicator and Internet Marketer.  Over the past six weeks or so he has been running a Learn and Earn competition on Internet Marketing.  During this time he has presented webinars, usually once or twice a week, on topics such as:  affiliate marketing including Clickbank and Commission Junction, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Alexa, how to build a blog, and blogging.  If you can’t attend the webinar (due to J.O.B or living in an awkward timezone) the recording is uploaded to his site usually that evening Australian time (gremlins permitting).

As a huge Clint Eastwood fan (possibly THE #1 Clint Eastwood fan) he has been using Eastwood’s films as a theme.  This Internet Marketing Competition is titled For A Few Dollars More.

He continues the theme with webinar titles such as:

Escape From Alexa

Escape from Alexa where he covers the benefits and features of Alexa.

Sean Rasmussen - For A Few Tweets More

Sean Rasmussen - For A Few Tweets More

For A Few Tweets More where he gave the basics on Twitter.

In Make Money With  Twitter he gave away The Ultimate Twitter Guide.  This is a great resource.

There is also a series of YouTube videos Replacing Your Income Online. These were filmed in Sydney in 2009 with Alexi Neocleous (Aussie Copywriter) interviewing Sean Rasmussen.

YouTube Preview Image

Throughout the competition Sean Rasmussen is not just talking about these social media tools but actually uses them as part of the competition.

Sean Rasmussen – His Own Man

Becoming a successful Internet Marketer has allowed Sean Rasmussen to sack his boss which he did 5 weeks ahead of schedule on 8th December 2005 at 7am.  That must have been one hell of a great feeling!

Today he gets to do what he wants, when he wants and enjoys taking his wife, Cherie, and their two sons on trips overseas.  Now that’s my kind of life!

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5 Responses to Sean Rasmussen

  1. Don White says:

    A nice entry into the blogging exercise for Sean Rasmussen’s Learn and Earn competition, Tori. These last 7 weeks have been a great learning exercise and amazing amount of fun, even if I did have to get up at 2:45am for the Webinars.

  2. Great blog Tori…tell you what this is going to be hard for Sean and Cherie to pick a winner from!

  3. Jacqui Emery says:

    Hi Tori,
    Well done with your site – I like it! You have put a lot of info into a small space – its excellent.
    Kind Regards, Jacqui :)

  4. Great post with some great pictures! and a great sum up of the “journey” we have been through in the competition.

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