Taste Testing – Mango Ice Cream with Caramelised Mango

Since it is the mango season I thought I would give Mango Ice Cream a go.  The Mango Ice Cream with Caramelised Mango recipe is from here.

The caramelising of the Mango went pretty much as described in the recipe. In future I would make the Mango pieces a bit bigger as it does take some time for the caramel to dissolve and the mango does break up a little.

As for making the ice cream, there are no eggs in it so you don’t make a custard first.  Nice and easy. (I have had problems in the past where I have overcooked the custard and ended up with ice cream with a funny texture.)

The recipe did say the grated zest of a lime. I just zested the lime thinking that blending it would chop it up. This was not the case, which is fine if you like big chucks on lime zest in your ice cream.

I also saw a recipe that was similar with rum in it. So I decided to add a (generous) splash as well. (It is Christmas after all :) )

When I added the caramelised mango the ice cream did soften again, leaving it in the ice cream maker resulted in the added mango disappearing into the ice cream. In hindsight I would add the rum at the start of the process and when it was time to add the caramelised mango do it by hand and get it straight into the freezer.

It tastes lovely, I would just like it to have had bigger lumps of mango in it.

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