The Challenge – Week 1 in review

Time to review the first week of The Challenge. The Challenge is now a 7 day on, 7 day off internet marketing online course run in the main by Ed Dale.  In previous years it had been run as a 30-day challenge but people find it hard to concentrate on something for so long.  The aim is to make $1. How hard can that be?

Week 1 finding a niche to market to.  The first couple of days seemed easy.  Found some things that interested me. Nice!

Then along came Market Samurai and everything turned to custard. Don't get me wrong Market Samurai is a great tool.  I had made bad choices and everything I put in to Market Samurai was kicked out as not suitable for The Challenge.

The Challenge criteria is: The SEO Traffic Filter set to 80 (clicks per day), Phrase to Broad Match filter set to15%, and the SEO Competition Filter set to 30,000.  My niches were getting kicked out because the competition was too strong or the keywords weren't popular enough.  Extremely frustrating. 

So I ended the week with one micro-niche that met The Challenge criteria and a clear case of despondency.  I hadn't even looked at SEO Competition.  This is where the advantage of the 7 days off comes in to play.  I set myself some time each day to play in Market Samurai and see what I could find. 

Gradually I built up a list of five micro-niches that met the 80/15/30000 rule. Hooray! :)

Hang on what about Day 6 and SEO competition matrix? Oh yeah, that. :(

When I put the chosen Theme keywords into the SEO competition matrix only one had a total line of green.  In other words we are looking for one or more websites in the top 10 for the keyword that has low Page Ranking (PR), a low number of Page Backlinks (BLP), is not listed in Yahoo Directory, Keyword not in title (Title) and Keyword not in URL (URL).

I had better luck when using the category keywords so may have to rethink which keyword to use as my Theme keyword.

Day 7 is all about Commercial Indicators.  Fortunately the micro-niches I now have in my spreadsheet appear to have people that are making money in that micro-niche.  That is to say there are Google Adwords, products on Ebay, products on Amazon, information products (ebooks) and affiliate programs for the keywords.

So after a bit of a rollercoaster week I finish feeling on a high. Roll on module 2.

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